Where Nature Meets Flavour

Celebrate Life's Moments Surrounded by Nature's Beauty and Flavour.

Where Nature Meets Flavor

Celebrate Life's Moments Surrounded by Nature's Beauty and Flavor.


to @Botanical

Restaurant at the Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens

Discover a unique dining experience surrounded by the lush greenery of Bloemfontein’s Botanical Gardens. @Botanical is not just a restaurant; it’s an oasis of taste and tranquility. Whether you’re joining us for a delightful meal during the day or hosting a private function, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while savoring exquisite cuisine.

Not just another restaurant

Passion & Expertise

Established by industry veterans with over 20 years of culinary expertise. At @Botanical, our culinary creations are born from a fusion of passion and expertise. Our chefs pour their heart and soul into every dish, ensuring a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

Fresh natural ingredients

We believe in the power of nature's bounty. Our commitment to using natural ingredients is a cornerstone of our culinary philosophy. From farm-fresh produce to handpicked herbs, we strive to bring you the purest flavors in every bite.

customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. We take pride in providing not just meals but moments that linger in your memory. Our commitment to exceptional service ensures that every visit to @Botanical is a delightful journey for your senses.

Family Tradition

Step into our welcoming space, share the table with us, and together, let's revel in the joy of delectable food and genuine hospitality. Join our tradition, where every meal is an invitation to become part of something special. Become an integral part of our extended family.

Made fresh daily

Our Menu

Explore our diverse menu that caters to every palate. From delightful teas to exquisite dishes, we offer a range of culinary delights that showcase the essence of our surroundings.

@Botanical Waiter at work

Fully Licenced

“Come for a drink, stay for a meal!”


Looking for a special venue

Private Events & Functions

Experience the charm of @Botanical by reaching out for bookings or inquiries. Our restaurant can accommodate 60 people inside, another 100 on the porch, and an additional 150 on our scenic deck. Whether it’s a casual visit, a private function, or a special event, we are here to make your moments memorable.

Contact us to reserve your spot amid the greenery.